About Duane & Tiffany

Duane and Tiffany live in Columbus Montana, and have been investing in real estate for over 18 years. They have three children, Alex (21), Devin (18), and Miranda (16), who are keeping with the tradition of working with their parents.

Duane is a registered contractor in the State of Montana who specializes in trim work for new homes and general repairs. Duane Youngren, Contractor.

Tiffany is a Client Services Manager for a financial adviser, and she is in the process of getting her Real Estate Salesperson license in the states of Montana and North Carolina. She also consults business owners in development and marketing and has a health and wellness blog. Tiffany Helps, Transfer of Health

A Bit of Professional History about the Youngrens

Duane bought his first house and rental property at 18, and rented two rooms out to friends to cover mortgage payments. He grew up with both parents and his maternal grandfather active in real estate, and his paternal grandfather worked at his dad’s office, Youngren & Associates, when he joined the firm at 19. A couple of years later, Duane and Tiffany married, and a few short years after that they took the reigns at Youngren & Associates.

Duane and Tiffany together helped many people buy and sell real estate, manage their rentals, and supported other agents in the office to succeed. Investing in rentals, commercial properties, and running businesses and non-profits came to the forefront of the Youngrens’ professional attention. They bought and sold millions of dollars of real estate, rehabbed and flipped dozens of homes, and developed property.

In 2008, after a number of personal and professional challenges, including the turning of the tides on several real estate developments they were working on when the economic climate changed which affected other projects on which they were working, Duane and Tiffany took a “breather” from new real estate endeavors to work on cleaning up the old ones. Duane continued to repair and build onto homes for other people as a handyman and contractor.

Duane and Tiffany are enjoying renewed involvement in real estate, and are eager to offer their breadth of expertise and depth of knowledge of market trends. They are also pleased to bring Alex, Devin and Miranda into the world of Real Estate.

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